Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tools for SCCM 2012

In this post I'll refer to tools that I usually use in my day-to-day Work with SCCM..

ConfigMgr 2012 Right Click Tools:     


SMART Documentation and Conversion Helper for your Orchestrator Runbooks:

SMART Documentation and Conversion Helper for your Orchestrator Runbooks

SCCM Client Center:


Friday, May 23, 2014

SCCM Manage User Device Affinity (Primary User) with Powershell

This script can be used for setting and removing the primary user of a device.

Change the variables inside the script to your environment and your good to go.

For more information please use the documentation provided in the script so please use the important Powershell commmad GET-HELP :-)

Picture examples are about to be presented at the blog too.. PLEASE WAIT... :-)

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# Created on: 19-05-2014 15:26

# Created by: Flemming Rohde





This script can add a primary user to a device and remove one or all primary users from a device

Please make sure to change the variables in the variables section!!!



Can be add or remove and it is the task that will be done

.PARAMETER computername

The computername for which you want to add/remove primary users

.PARAMETER username

The username that will be assosiated with the computer

Provide a PARAMETER section for each parameter that your script or function accepts.


EditPrimaryUsers.ps1 -TaskToDo add -ComputerName yourpcname -UserName domain\username


EditPrimaryUsers.ps1 -TaskToDo RemovePrimaryUser -ComputerName yourpcname -UserName domain\username


EditPrimaryUsers.ps1 -TaskToDo RemoveAll -ComputerName yourpcname

param( [String]$TaskToDo, [String]$ComputerName, [String]$UserName) #Task must be Add or Remove

$SCCMSite = "SITECODE" #The Sitecode of your SCCM

$CMModule = 'E:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin\ConfigurationManager.psd1' #Location of Configmanager Module

#Import the SCCM Module
Import-Module $CMModule

#Variable to CM Drive
$SiteDir = $SCCMSite + ":"

#change the drive to CM site
Set-Location $SiteDir

#Set PrimaryUser at the given computer
if($TaskToDo -eq "Add"){ Add-CMDeviceAffinityToUser -DeviceName $ComputerName -UserName $UserName }

#Removes a single primary user from the device
if($TaskToDo -eq "RemovePrimaryUser"){ Remove-CMDeviceAffinityFromUser -DeviceName $ComputerName -UserName $UserName}

#removes ALL primary users of a device
if($TaskToDo -eq "RemoveAll"){ $primaryUsers = Get-CMUserDeviceAffinity -DeviceName $ComputerName

foreach($user in $primaryUsers){Remove-CMDeviceAffinityFromUser -DeviceName $ComputerName -UserName $user.UniqueUserName }